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We have spent the last decade working at the pinnacle of elite sport, during this period we have developed the KOTWF training method that is driven by the following principles:


Challenging athletes to be self critical, find new limits, raise their standards, push themselves and be open to ideas. Constantly evolving, forever improving.


Offering a support system so the athlete maintains the physical and psychological belief and trust in their abilities. Striving to go above and beyond to help maintain a balance between competition and life.


Developing new life experience outside the athletes comfort zone. New skill sets, unearthed weaknesses, developing existing strengths and finding new frontiers.


A focus on the importance of sustained training and lifestyle changes for athletes. Developing high performance behaviors to become habitual and a driver of sustained personal growth. 


Gain self awareness of where your body, your mind and your life are at to help sustain optimal performance in competition and maintain the work/life balance.

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-11 at

Proof of the KOTWF concept at the pinnacle of elite sport.

KOTWF love racing, competing and maximizing our potential, we strive to always push our clients to reach places they didn't think possible, whilst educating and helping them gain a better awareness and knowledge of themselves throughout.

For the journey.

Opening Times

MONDAY  07.00 - 20.00

TUESDAY  07.00 - 20.00

WEDNESDAY  07.00 - 20.00

THURSDAY  07.00 - 20.00

FRIDAY  07.00 - 20.00

SATURDAY  07.00 - 20.00

SUNDAY  07.00 - 20.00

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