Andy has a truly holistic approach to training. While he specialises in hydration and fuelling for race day performance, he also has real expertise in body composition, corrective exercise prescriptions and lifestyle coaching so that his athletes develop good habits and make better decisions day-to-day. 


Not only is Andy our chief sweat tester, he is also the brain behind our hugely popular education webinars to coaching and consultancy of pro and age-group athletes. These sessions are inspired by his own experience in the world of triathlon which includes two trips to the Ironman world championships in Kona and, most recently, his conquest of the gruelling Ultra X 125 UK. As a coach, he has spent time studying under the renowned Dr Dan Pews about the benefits of high fat diets. 


The journey to your frontier is long and arduous. Andy can give you the tools you need to ensure your body, the single most important asset you possess in your arsenal, is on your side at all times. Catch Andy every Thursday at 6:30pm on Zwift where he leads our KOTWF ride.