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We are super proud to have an experienced athlete and coach like Matt on our team. His coaching philosophy is based on 4 pillars: consistency, enjoyment, intelligence and purpose. When applied correctly, these elements create athletes who understand their training, enjoy what they do and believe in a process tailored to them. Matt doesn’t do cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all. It’s all about the bigger picture custom-made for you and your personal journey.


When he is not coaching with us, Matt runs a track group with the Belgrave Harriers in Battersea Park along these exact same principles. His runners cover the full spectrum of experience and ability and continue to bound from PB to PB across all distances. It is also within this group that Matt does his own training. His PBs of 8:46 over 3000m, 15:02 over 5000m and 31:24 over 10km speak volumes on the effectiveness of his methods.


Matt is still pushing his frontier every single day and loves sharing his journey with others. His main goal is reaching the summit of your mountain with you. 

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