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Sam challenges his athletes both mentally and physically. He pushes them and demands more from them than perhaps they think possible, but the nature of the support that Sam can deliver to an athlete is second to none - he possesses an unrivalled care and commitment to the cause.

Sam has worked in motorsport and F1 since 2013 (Carlos Sainz Jr, Daniel Ricciardo & Max Chilton) and enjoys preparing his drivers for the demands that come with racing across the world, alongside the considerable amount of variables that are in play when adapting and improving performance within a car. A key target for his drivers is to have no concerns physically or mentally by preparing themselves in the best possible way before competition.

Alongside his work with elite racing drivers, Sam also specialises in S&C coaching as well as running full training programmes for amateur endurance athletes. A keen triathlete himself, Sam has trained a range of athletes from first time runners to Iron Man triathletes and ultra-runners.

Sam has a Masters degree in psychology as well as a bachelor’s degree in Sport Science from Durham University.

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